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EMC Pre-Compliance Test Equipment Rental

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TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Front SideTekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Front
TekBox TBMA1 Biconical Antenna - Rental Emissions Antenna
  • 30MHz 1GHz Biconical Pre-Compliance Antenna
  • Small, Lightweight Device, & Includes Tripod
  • Typically Rented with Probes & Analyzer for Emissions
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Tekbox TBMA4 - Front SideTekbox TBMA4 - Front
Tekbox TBMA4 - Rent Double Ridge Horn Antenna 8GHz
  • Pre-compliance 8GHz Horn Antenna & Stand
  • Ideal for CISPR 16 Radiated Emissions Testing
  • Often Rented with Spectrum Analyzer 
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Com-power LI-325C - Front SideCom-power LI-325C - Back
Com-Power LI-325C - Rent 25A 5µH 10kHz–400MHz LISN
  • Frequency Range: 10kHz-400MHz 270VAC
  • Ideal for RTCA DO-160/MIL-STD-461
  • 50 Amp Com-Power LI350 Available 
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Com-Power LI-220C - Rent 50µH 9kHz-30MHz LISN 20A
Com-Power LI-220C - Rent 50µH 9kHz-30MHz LISN 20A
  • LISN 9kHz-30MHz 20Amps/270Volts AC
  • CISPR 16-1-2 & ANSI C63.4 Emissions
  • Test Lead Selection (N/L2 & Line/L1)
ISO 17025 Calibrated
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Rigol NFP-3 - No CaseRigol NFP-3 - Case
Rigol NFP-3 Series Probes - Rent Near Field Probe Set


  • 4 Probe Set 300kHz-3GHz Frequency
  • Rented with Associated Spectrum Analyzer
  • Typically for Pre-Compliance Emissions 
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TekBox TBCG1 - Front SideTekBox TBCG1 - Front
TekBox TBCG1 - Rent Radiating Comb Generator
  • Frequency Range 100MHz-6GHz 
  • Ideal for Verificaiton of Emissions Setup
  • Rented with Analyzer/Antenna
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Tekbox TBWA2 - Front SideTekbox TBWA2 & Connectors
Tekbox TBWA2 - Rent 40dB RF Preamplifier 2MHz to 6GHz
  • 40dB gain Wideband RF Preamplifier
  • Useable Bandwidth 2MHz to 6GHz 
  • Typically Rented with Probes or Antenna
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Rigol DSA832E - Front SideRigol DSA832E - Front
Rigol DSA832E - Rent 3.2GHz EMI Pre-Compliance Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Range 9kHz-3.2GHz
  • RBW 10 Hz & DANL <-161 dBm (Typical)
  • Cost Effective EMI Pre-Compliance Analyzer
Sale price Monthly Rental - $300
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Siglent SRF5030T Probes - Out of CaseSiglent SRF5030T Probes - Case Front
Siglent SRF5030T Probes - Rent Near Field (H&E) Probes
  • 300kHz-3GHz Near Field Probe Set (H&E)
  • Ideal for Identifying Radiated EMI Noise
  • Typically Rented wtih Spectrum Analyzer
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Siglent SSA3075X-R - Front SideSiglent SSA3075X-R - Front Top
Siglent SSA3075X-R - Rent 7.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • 9KHz-7.5GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzers
  • EMI Filter and Quasi-Peak Detector Kit
  • Ideal for Pre-Compliance Emissions Testing
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TekBox TBCP2 - Side FrontTekBox TBCP2 - Side
TekBox TBCP2 - Rent 32mm Current Monitoring Probe
  • Frequency 10 kHz to 750 MHz Probe 
  • Diameter Inside 32mm & Outside 73mm 
  • Rent with TBCP4-750 Calibration Fixture
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Siglent SSA3032X - Front SideSiglent SSA3032X - Front
Siglent SSA3032X - Rent 3.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzers from 9KHz-3.2GHz
  • EMI Pre-Compliance Test Kit & Tracking Generator
  • Conducted Emissions Pre-Compliance Analyzer
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FCC Part 15 Pre-Compliance Emissions Kit - Front ConnectedFCC Part 15 Pre-Compliance Emissions Kit - Front Side
FCC Part 15 Pre-Compliance Emissions Kit - Rent Analyzer & LISN
  • Pre-Compliance Conducted Emissions Kit (10Amps)
  • Siglent 3.2GHz Analyzer & EMCO 3810 LISN
  • Includes Near-Field Probes & Can be Rented individually
Turnkey Test System
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TekBox TBFL1 - Side FrontTekBox TBFL1 - Front
TekBox TBFL1 - Rent Transient Limiter & 10dB Attenuator
  • Frequency: 9kHz to 600MHz & 10dB Attenuation 
  • Prevents Damage to Analyzer and High Pass Filter
  • Typically Rented with LISN/AN or Analyzer
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TekBox LISN Mate TBLM01 - Front Side TekBox LISN Mate TBLM01 - Front
TekBox TBLM01 - Rent LISN Mate Noise Splitter
  • Noise Splitter into Common & Differential Mode
  • Frequency Range 30 kHz – 110 MHz
  • Comonly used with 5uH LISNs
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TekBox TBCP2-CAL - StockTekBox TBCP2-CAL - Front Side
TekBox TBCP2-CAL - Calibration Fixture 32mm
  • Calibration Fixture Designed for TBCP-2
  • Designed for Diameter (Inside) 32mm Probes  
  • Rented with TBCP-2 for Vetification
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