E-Field/Reflective Antenna Rental - EFG-3 2000 Watts

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Reflective Array Antenna:

  • 10kHz-220MHz 2000 Watts Continuous Limit 
  • Designed for intensive EUT Testing 1/2 meter or Less  
  • VSWR: Less Than 4:1 at all Frequencies
  • Rotates - Both Vertical & Horizontal Polarization
  • Ideal for Low Frequency Testing Including RS103


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Rent the EFG-3B E-Field (billboard, hoarding, & bowtie array) antenna for up to 2kW of power over 10kHz to 220 MHz frequency range. It is made to generate electric field intensities within limits for radiated susceptibility testing systems. This test equipment is ideal for easy integration with Teseq, EM Test, and Milmega setups. It is effective given the design as a radiating transmission line. This equipment can be rented in with an amplifier or individually to supplement testing capabilities.

Data Sheet


  Frequency Range 

 10kHz to 220 MHz

  Power Handling Capability

 2000 watts

   Input Impedance

50 ohms nominal

  Output Port Impedance

50 ohms nominal


Less than 4:1 at all frequencies

  Load Required

50 ohm, standard coaxial termination


Type C Female

  Physical Size

1 meter x 1 meter x 10 centimeters (LxWxD)

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