Solar 6512-106R - Rent 10μF Feed-Thru Capacitor

Solar 6512-106R Feed-Thru Capacitors:

  • 10 μF Capacitors for Susceptibility Tests 
  • Maximum Current 100 Amps 
  • 275 VAC 60Hz, 250 VAC 400Hz, 600 VDC

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The 6512-106R by Solar Electronics are a series of 10µF Feed-Thru Capacitor, ideal for military/avionic RFI/EMI test setups such as MIL-STD-461A/462A and are rented in sets of 2. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. In this application the capacitor provides a low RF impedance across the power source so that EMI currents produced by the equipment under test can be accurately measured with a current probe.

Data Sheet


Common Standards

Mil Std 461A, DO 160, Mil Std 462A

 Rated Current

100 Amps

 Rated Voltage







70mm x88.7mm  x 85.7mm (3.49”X3.374”X2.756”)

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