EM Test VSS 500N6.4 - Sale or Rental 6kV 0.5J Surge Generator

EM Test Relay Surge Generator:

  • 1.2/50us Surge Pulse to 6.6kV
  • Constant Energy of .5J at Each Test Level
  • IEC 60255-27 & ANSI/IEEE C37.90
  • 500 Ohm Source Impedance 
  • Current ISO 17025 Cal & 2 Days Free Transit Time

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Monitoring & Verification


Surge Pulse Geneartor Features 

      • 1.2/50us Surge Pulse to 6.6kV
      • Constant Energy of .5J at Each Test Level
      • 500 Ohm Source impedance 
      • ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration included
      • Warning Lamp & Peak Voltage/Current Measurement
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


The VSS 500N6.4 by EM Test provides the common surge immunity testing waveform (1.2/50us) to 6.6kV to IEC 60255-27 test levels 1-5. This equipement is ideal for overvoltage tests on protection relays and has no-load waveshaping. The no-load waveshape corresponds to IEC-61180-1. For this kind of testing the IEC 60255-27 standard requires a fixed energy of 0.5 J at the 1000 V and 5000 V test levels. To comply with safety regulations the VSS 500N6 is equipped with a contact to control warning lamps and with a safety interlock. This test generator comes with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration and meets IEC 60255-27 .5 J energy requirements.

Data Sheet User Manual


Common Standards

IEC 60255-27

VSS 500N6.4

 0.55kV, 1.0kV, 3.0kV, 5.0kV, 6.6kV


IEC 61000-4-4, ed.3


  Voltage (o.c.)

250 V - 6,600 V ±10 %,

 Pulse front time

1.2 us ± 30 %

  Pulse time to half value

50 us ± 20 %

  Source impedance

500 Ohm


0.5 J ± 0.05 J at each test level

  Pulse forming

 As per IEC 60255-27 (previous -5)


Positive, negative or alternating

  Event counter

 1 - 30,000 or endless


  Trigger of events

Automatic, manual, external

  CRO trigger

 5V trigger signal for oscilloscope


 0° - 360°, resolution 1°

 Repetition rate

6 s - 999 s, depending on the voltage



Via HV connector; Zi = 500 Ohm To connect externaltest boxes or devices


  Peak voltage

6,600 V in the LCD display

  Peak current

13 A in the LCD display


Widely Used Standards

This list is a more comprehensive list of all the standards covered with this immunity generator. This is by no means all the standards covered, but the major ones from the largest manufacturers and most widely used standards.

    • ANSI/IEEE C37.90
    • EN 60255-27
    • EN 60255-5
    • IEC 60255-27
    • IEC 60255-5
    • IEC 60747-5
    • IEC 61180-1
    • IEC 62052-11

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