EMC Partner TRA3000

Rent 4 kV Transient Test System
  • 4.1 kV Surge & 4.4 EFT Generator
  • Built-in CDN Max 280 V/16 A AC or 300 V/16 A DC
  • Rented with Common Mode Test System
  • Current ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration
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Transient 3000 is a technically advanced CE tester. The revolutionary design reinforces EMC PARTNER’s position as a leading technology innovator in the field of EMC transient immunity testers.

Environmentally Friendly

With less than 50VA power consumption in standby mode and an energy management system that ensures only active circuits are powered, TRA3000 has an extremely low energy footprint. An optimized power consumption also ensures less heat is generated. Coupled to a ventilator with active speed control, noise emissions are drastically reduced. At only 28kg with all modules fitted, TRA3000 also requires less fuel for transportation. The completely modular design, reduces shipping requirements as only specific hardware needs to be sent for calibration. All components and circuits are fully RoHS compliant.

Modular Architecture

10 different configurations are possible. The unique system architecture enables a “plug-and-play” approach. On-board software automatically recognises the hardware and re-configures the menu structure, downloading module calibration data to ensure generator outputs are always correct. Capable of being equipped with ESD up to 16kV (requires EXT-TRA3000 E), EFT, CWG up to 4.4kV, common mode tests, AC dips/interrupts & variations plus DC interrupts.

Interface with the World

 TRA3000 includes an Ethernet port for communication. It is no longer necessary to use proprietary software. Any PC with Ethernet port and internet browser can access test report and service data. An integrated web server presents data in a clear and easily manageable format. Secure data transfer can also be made using the USB interface and a memory stick.

Common Mode tester

 A module of TRA3000, common mode hardware can be added on site to expand test capability to include IEC61000-4-16. The internal module uses a novel technique to generate common mode interference up to 30V in the range DC to 150kHz. Continuous mode testing can be programmed at fixed frequencies or as a sweep between 9kHz and 150KHz. Test levels are freely programmable to facilitate fault finding during the development phase. External hardware extends common mode levels to 300V for short duration tests.

Full range of accessories

 Backwards compatibility with all existing EMC PARTNER accessories. No redundancy ensures the best possible return on investment. A broad range of accessories enable testing to many applications including:
 - Three phase EFT and SURGE up to 100A
 - Three phase DIPS/Interrupts up to 75A
 - Telecom signal lines, power contact and power induction
 - Railway elctronics and signaling testing
 - Power sub-station control and protection tests
 - Electricity meter tests
 and much more.......
TRA3000 includes control capability for up to two PS3 power sources. This easy to use power supply for common voltage/frequencies is directly controlled from TRA3000. Outputs can be selected between 230V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz, 230V/16.7Hz and 115V/400Hz and DC. PS3 can be used as the primary power source for any EU
TRA3000 Base:
Supply voltage range
80 to 260V / 50Hz & 60Hz
Standby current
Internal CDN voltage rating
280Vac & 110Vdc
Internal CDN current rating
16Aac & 16Adc
Internal CDN frequency range
50 to 400Hz
Power frequency synchronisation
16Hz up to 400Hz
Coupling path selection EFT
L, N, PE, L+N, L+PE, N+PE, L+N+ PE
Coupling path selection surge
L - N, L - PE, N - PE
Internal web server
Communication Interfaces
Ethernet, USB & RS232
Accessory control interface
Atmospheric measurement
Temperature & Humidity
Test report format
PS3 control
DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz
EUT Power monitor
10V = 400Vac
Surge voltage monitor
10V = 4kV
Surge current monitor
10V = 2kA
BNC maximum 12V
Trigger mode
Auto, manual
Synchro source
Power, external
Power synchro on/off
0 - 360 Degrees
Power switching before / after test
0 up to 60min
Common Mode:
Long Duration Voltage Tests
up to 35Vrms
Voltage setting range
0.1 to 35V
Source Impedance
Sync turn on for AC
0 degree
DC switching time
1 up to 5�s
Power frequency tests
DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz & 60Hz
Power harmonic tests
1Hz up to 150kHz
Sweep time
1 decade / 10 up to 1000s
Step size
2 up to 10%
Short duration tests (with accessories)
up to 300Vrms