Teseq/EM Test Automotive ISO 10605 Test Networks

Automotive ESD Network Set:

  • Teseq & EM Test Automotive Test Set
  • Meets ISO 10605 & OEM Requirements
  • INA 4381, INA 4382, & INA 4553 Networks
  • Buy/Rent from Ametek CTS US ESD Distributor 

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This is a combination package of ISO 10605 networks for the NSG 437 or the NSG 438 test systems for ESD. This package includes 3 different networks INA 4381, INA 4382, and INA 4553. Transient Specialists is the only authorized sale partner of Teseq/EM Test ESD simulators and accessories in the United States. These can be ordered with purchases of new equipment or order individually to supplement existing testing capabilities.


Common Standards

ISO 10605



  INA 4381



  INA 4382



  INA 4553  330pF/330Ω

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