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Fischer MIL-STD-461 CS114 Accessory Package - Front
BCI Test Package 10kHz-400MHz - Rental Injection Kit
  • F120-6A CIP, Monitoring Probe, Fixture, & Cables
  • 10-400MHz BCI Accessory Package 100CW
  • MIL-STD-461 CS114 & ISO 11452-4 Solution
Turnkey Test System
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Teseq CIP 9136A - Front SideTeseq CIP 9136A - Front
Teseq CIP 9136A - Current Injection Probe BCI Testing
  • Teseq CIP 4kHz-400MHz 1kW (max) 
  • IEC 61000-4-6, ISO 11452-4, & CS114
  • Ideal for High Power BCI Testing
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EM Test (Lüthi) EM 101 - SideEM Test (Lüthi) EM 101 - Front Open
EM 101 Rental - EM Test (Lüthi) Clamp RF 150kHz-1GHz
  • EM Clamp 150kHz to 1GHz 100Amps
  • Includes FTC 101 Decoupler
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Teseq KEMZ - Side OpenTeseq KEMZ - Front Open
Teseq KEMZ 801A Rental - EM Clamp RF Coupling 10kHz-1GHz
  • EM Clamp 150kHz to 1GHz 100Amps
  • Ideal for Integration into NSG 4070 Setup
  • Doesn't Include any Decoupler
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EM Test CDN M2/3 - Rent RF CDN 250VAC/16A
EM Test CDN M2/3 - Rent RF CDN 250VAC/16A
  • RF CDN 2/3 AC/DC supply lines
  • Compliant to IEC 61000-4-6 
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