TekBox TBCP2 - Rent 32mm Current Monitoring Probe

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TekBox Current Monitoring Probe

  • Frequency 10 kHz to 750 MHz Probe 
  • Diameter Inside 32mm & Outside 73mm 
  • Rented with TBCP4-750 Calibration Fixture
  • Ideal for Emissions Testing on Interconnecting Lines

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Current Monitoring Equipment



The TBCP2-750 is a snap-on RF current monitoring probe. It has a very flat response with a 3dB bandwidth of 750 MHz and is characterized and usable over the frequency range from 10kHz to 750 MHz. The aperture of the RF current monitoring probe is 32 mm. Its transfer impedance is > 15 dB Ohm in the range from 1 MHz to 750 MHz.

Data Sheet



10 kHz - 750 MHz

Internal diameter:

32 mm

External diameter:

73 mm


20  mm


320 g

Connector type:

N female

Connector3 :


DC to 400 Hz:

80 amperes


3 amperes

Peak Pulse Current2 :

50 amperes

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