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EMC Partner DOW3000 - Front SideEMC Partner DOW3000 - Front
EMC Partner DOW3000 - Damped Oscillatory System (DOW)
  • Configured 3MHz, 10MHz, 30MHz Fast Waveforms
  • Ideal for Fast Pulse Requirements (IEC 61000-4-18)
  • Can be Rented with MIG platform for Slow Pulses
ISO 17025 Calibrated
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EMC Partner IMU4000 - Front SideEMC Partner IMU4000 - Front Top
EMC Partner IMU4000 - 4kV EFT, Surge, & Dips System
  • 4.1kV Surge, 4.4kV EFT, & Dips to 6 Amps
  • Built-in 280v/16amps AC 300v/16amps DC
  • Ideal for Low Current Dips & Transient Testing
ISO 17025 Calibrated
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EMC Partner TRA3000 - Front SideEMC Partner TRA3000 - Front Top
TRA3000 Rental - EMC Partner Surge, EFT, & Op. Common Mode
  • 4kV Surge, EFT, & Dips Immunity System
  • Common Mode Testing Platform Solution
  • Built-in Dips to 6Amps CDN 280Volts/16Amps
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EMC Partner MIG-OS-OS1 - SideEMC Partner MIG-OS-OS1 - Front
EMC Partner MIG-OS-OS1 Damped Oscillatory (DOW) Generator
  • 3kV 100kHz & 1MHz Slow Damped Waveforms
  • Compliant Solution ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1
  • Often Rented witth CDN 2000-06-25
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