Thermo Fisher (formerly Keytek) manufacturers surge generators, eft generators, and electrostatic discharge guns for a wide variety of applications.  The EMC ProPlus generates lightning surge and 100khz ring wave surges to 6kV.  The Keytek Minizap MZ-15 ESD simulator is an easy-to-use ESD gun.   The ECAT system is a modular EMC test system which complies to UL 864, Bellcore GR 1089, FCC part 68 and many other EMC immunity test standards.


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E103 - ECAT System Controller Center, Now available for Rental and Used Purchase

Computer-driven control center required for the operation of any Thermo Keytek ECAT test system


E551 Single Phase ECAT Surge Coupler Module - Now Available for Rental and Used Purchase

Single phase ac line coupler/decoupler, E 551 for surge wave modules for the ECAT system, requires the E103 controller



EFT CCL - Capactive Coupling Clamp For EFT Testing Per IEC61000-4-4

Capacitive coupling clamp for EFT pulses on I/O lines per EN IEC 61000-4-4  


EMC Pro Plus - EMC Immunity Generator With EFT to 4.4kV, Surge and Ring to 6kV, and Dips

Thermo Keytek EMCPro Plus is a 6 kv Generator for EFT to 4.4kV, Surge to 6kV, 100 kHz Ringwave to 6kV, Dips and Interrupts with a built-in single phase coupler. 10x700 Telecom Wave is available on request.


MZ-15 - Minizap ESD Simulator to 15kV air discharge, 8kV contact mode

The MZ15 ESD gun by Thermo Keytek allows for air discharge to 15kV and contact mode ESD to 8kV with simple, intuitive operation. A2LA accredited calibration is included in the EMC rental equipment price. These light weight durable ESD testers lend themselves well to long-term use in harsh environments in the field. 

The MiniZap allows for easy manipulation to meet the standards of EN IEC 61000-4-2,  ANSI C63.16, and others through manipulation output voltage selection and pulse repetition rate selector knobs. The interchangeable plug-in tips allow for testing to different standards with this ESD test equipment. The polarity can be switched on the MZ 15 tester by switching the output polarity selection on the side of the equipment. 

The MiniZap ESD Simulator does not use a voltage multiplier, and won’t introduce testing errors and uncertainties due to streams of artificial, high-level ESD multiples generated by a human discharge or by other ESD simulators. The MZ 15 is easily mounted on a tripod allowing for tests to be ran consecutively without user fatigue. Real time voltage is displayed via the actual output voltage indicator with accuracy typically at +/- 3% for this Keytek product. 

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Thermo Keytek CM 3CD - SRG 3-Phase Surge Coupler/Decoupler For The EMC Pro Plus

The CM 3CDSrg from Thermo Keytek is a three phase external coupler for EN IEC 61000-4-5 surge tests for the EMC ProPlus.


Thermo Keytek CM- I/OCD - External I/O Signal Line and Telecom Surge Coupler/Decoupler

Thermo Keytek I/O and data line coupler for surges per EN IEC 61000-4-5.


Thermo Keytek ECAT E103, E411, E501 B, E503 and E4554 - Three Phase Surge, EFT and Ringwave System

Thermo Keytek ECATS for EFT, Surge, and Ringwave with 3 phase coupler/decoupler for EN & IEC 61000-4-4,-5,-12, ANSI C62.41,C62.45


Thermo Keytek ECAT E103, E421, E4554 - 8kV EFT ECAT System

Thermo Keytek ECATS with an 8kV EFT generator and a 3 phase AC power coupler/decoupler to 480V, 32A

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