LD 200N Rental - EM Test Load Dump Generator

Load Dump Pulse Generator

LD 200N Rental - EM Test Load Dump Generator

Automotive Load Dump Generator Features 

      • Clipped Load Dump Generator - ISO 7637: 5a, 5b &7
      • Laptop & ISO 17025 Calibration Included
      • Selectable .5-38 Ohm Impedance (.1 Ohm Steps)
      • Independent Test Generator - Single Unit Solution
      • Free Technical Support & 2 Days Free Transit
      • Built in Coupler - 60volts/30amps (DUT limit)
      • Turnkey Solution - Arrives Ready for Testing!


The EM Test LD200N provides a effective test solution to ISO 7637-2 pulses 5 and 7, as well as many other international and manufacturer based standards/requirements. This Automotive Conducted Immunity Test Solutions simulate a load dump, the sudden battery disconnection causing an over voltage impulse. This stand alone generator includes an 60v/30a DC coupling decoupling network (CDN) for direct testing and an ISO 17025 accredited calibration, providing a ideal test solution! It is designed for use with 12, 24, or 42 volt supply systems and in conjunction with other EM Test 200 series of generators.

This immunity generator is an all in one system for testing high-energy pulses as required by ISO 7637. By means of a built-in clipping circuit it also generates clipped load dump pulses as per international standards as well as manufacturer requirements. The LD200N can be integrated with the UCS200N and VDS 200N for a complete automotive immunity test system, similar to the NSG 5500.  

This test equipment allows for both pre-programmed standard test and modification of individual pulses through the FreeStyle mode. It has an adjustable source impedance from, 0.5 Ω to 38 Ω in .1 Ω steps. To facilitate a turnkey solution, we include laptop with software with this rental arriving at the testing location ready for use.

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